If you have always wanted a quality ventilation system but don’t see why you should have to pay the earth - the Hypervent system is just for you. At $1650 fitted, or $1250 for a DIY kit, the Hypervent system is a cost effective high quality solution for a more comfortable home. Whether you are after a solution for winter moisture and mould problems or spring pollen and allergy problems, the Hypervent system works. No aggressive hard sales techniques here at Hypervent, just a simple, effective quality ventilation system that does a fantastic job at a reasonable price.

Healthy Air = A Healthy Home

Like us your home needs to breathe. When we cook, wash, shower, breathe or even watch TV we expel CO2 and water vapour amongst other things into the air around us. Combine this stale air with the relative difference in outside air temperature and humidity and the inside of your house provides an environment in which condensate can form. This is great if you are mould (spores) or mildew (fungus), but not so good for us. Hypervent gently but firmly pushes this stale air out of your house.
At full tilt the Hypervent system quietly filters and moves 1060m3 of air per hour.
That is why the Hypervent system is so good, it has more that enough capacity to cope with keeping the air in your home fresh and dry.